Travel as a very good stress relief strategy

Travel is a huge self improvement method. Travels are experiences that help you develop personally and be more open to the new, experts at the University of Friedrich Schiller, Jena, Germany, have conducted a study in this regard. “Participants who spent time abroad had an advantage in terms of personality development, for example in the direction of personal openness and emotional stability. This conclusion was reached by comparison with a control group, even when personality differences were taken into account “, said the study coordinator, Julia Zimmermann. The research analyzed, during an entire academic year, the impact on students of studying abroad. The experiment included both people who were going to study in other countries, through educational programs, as well as a control group, which included students who preferred to study in their country of origin.

Heavy weight travel trend , according to Round PlayGround, in 2019, situations that change the way people travel: The Business-Leisure Blur: Call them “bleisure trips” or “bizcations,” but more people are blurring the line between business and leisure when they travel. In the wake of that trend, expect hotels and destinations to make it easier to work comfortably while you’re on the road, and look for new startups that enable you to travel the world while working remotely for an extended period of time.

We can travel anywhere, in a new country, in a new city, through our country, having so much to discover. Not only will our mind often travel and we will have perspective on new ideologies, cultures and customs, but we will be smarter and even more successful. Studies indicate that people who experience more varieties of culture are able to assimilate their work environment better and be ahead of the competition. Read extra info at Round PlayGround.

It makes you more tolerant: During your travels you will meet people who are much different from you and if you travel far enough you will learn to accept these differences. The excursions open your horizons, give you new perspectives, enrich you and change you as a person, because you will become more tolerant and will accept other opinions more easily.

Zimbabwe has similarly piqued travelers’ interest in the wake of former president Robert Mugabe’s resignation in late 2017. Roar Africa’s Deborah Calmeyer notes that “while Victoria Falls has always been the corner of hope and a tourist destination during the political unrest, areas like Hwange National Park, Mana Pools National Park, and Lake Kariba are all prime safari locations that will undoubtedly see tourism activity due to the improving political climate.”

In 2017 alone, over 60% of business trips were extended to include leisure time – a nearly 40% increase from the prior year. We’ve seen this trend steadily escalate in 2018 with no signs of slowing down. In fact, over 70% of travelers who combine business and leisure travel have reported that there are destinations they have visited or will visit in the future for business that they would like to extend for leisure travel. Source: Round PlayGround

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