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Souvenirs from the travel locations in Singapore with Scent-osa personalized perfume

Not many times we present something truly innovative in the travel industry. If you travel to Singapore you may want to check this awesome new tourist activity in Singapore. This is a perfect opportunity for honeymooners travelers but also for all tourists to get a personalized fragrance based on their… Read more »

5 top attractions in Belize and the Belize real estate market

What can you see in Belize and the Belize real estate occasions. Belize is an incredible travel location but you can also transform in a permanent tourist if you explore the local real estate market in Belize and purchase a property there. 1st let’s discuss about a few attractions in… Read more »

An awesome destination : Isla Mujeres – hotels tips

Isla Mujeres, Mexico is a small, beautiful, tranquil little island placed off the coast of Cancun. Its clear blue water, amazing coral reefs, white sand beaches, gently waving palm trees, migrating whale sharks, Mayan ruins, and giant iguanas that move over your view sometimes when you’re not looking make it… Read more »

Maxicab transport to visit the travel destinations in Singapore

5 top attractions in Singapore and Maxi cab transport ? We will write about that now. What can you visit in Singapore? And to see all this incredible travel destinations you will need a transportation car and here is where MaxiCab comes in. Built by the brothers who invented Tiger… Read more »

Travel as a very good stress relief strategy

Travel is a huge self improvement method. Travels are experiences that help you develop personally and be more open to the new, experts at the University of Friedrich Schiller, Jena, Germany, have conducted a study in this regard. “Participants who spent time abroad had an advantage in terms of personality… Read more »