Top restaurants and travel attractions in Victoria Falls

Looking for cool new travel places ? Victoria Falls may be the location you are thinking about. Still after some free fall action? Why not try the 111m Bungee Jump from the center of the Victoria Falls bridge? Consistently voted one of the Top 5 Bungee’s in the world – you get a whole 4 seconds to take in one of the 7 natural wonders of the world as you hurtle towards the flowing river below! It’s definitely one of the most adrenaline pumping things to do in Victoria Falls!

So from the tame to the extreme, for those of you who are brave enough, bungee-jumping is definitely one of the top things to do in Victoria Falls if you want to test the fear factor to the max! Operated by the Zambezi Adrenaline Company, bungee jumping at Vic Falls involves throwing yourself off the bridge that straddles the Zimbabwe and Zambia border, diving head first into the canyon below, then bouncing back up and doing it all again! Shoestrings Backpackers is a little hostel well-located in the centre of Victoria Falls town and offering some great prices – especially if you opt for camping over a dorm or room! With a great bar area that gets pretty lively most evenings, you’re sure to make friends here as you laze by the pool or enjoy the shady garden area. Find additional details on Book Victoria Falls Trips.

Zimbabwe used to be the side to stay on, with its classic colonial-style Victoria Falls Hotel located a short distance from the falls (even if you don’t stay there, you can still drop in for a very British high tea), and better views of the falls in general. But Zimbabwe has had well publicized civil strife under the iron rule of Robert Mugabe, and Zambia has been the beneficiary; it’s attracting an increasing number of tourists, even though Zimbabwe’s town of Victoria Falls has stepped up its police presence and made the area safer.

Helicopter Flights over Vic Falls – The Flight of Angels: An exhilarating helicopter or microlight flight offers the best views of the famous Victoria Falls. The views of the Smoke that Thunders (Mosi-oa-Tunya) and surroundings are spectacular. You’ll see in the video below (skip to 5 minutes, to watch from take-off)! The thrilling flight over the Falls gives you a bird’s eye view of the largest sheet of falling water in the world. Peering into a 108-meter deep chasm is sure to give you perspective on this huge natural wonder. You can also take helicopter flights upstream to do some game viewing from above. “The Flight of Angels” gets its name from David Livingstone’s description of the waterfall when he first saw it. He called it a scene so lovely that it must have been “gazed upon by angels in their flight”. You can also do Flight of the Angels in a microlight. This is a slower-paced trip with the wind blowing through your hair. Yet, micro lighting over Vic Falls is said to be more thrilling, because of the open cockpit, smaller size and less powerful engine. See more details at

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