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High quality Iran attractions and hotel booking? Iran has a very long history, home of one of the world’s oldest civilizations. In ancient times the area was called Persia, and was an essential focal point for empires that extended from North Africa and Anatolia to the Middle East and India’s boundaries. For people who can visit Iran, the country offers fabulous landscapes, natural beauty, architecture, and history.

The splendor of Persepolis has always surprised everyone. A plan of numerous palaces, stairs, and beautiful entrances with carvings of people of different civilizations and the gates of nations are one of the most spectacular parts of Persepolis that can be mentioned. Hafeziyeh Shiraz, the tomb of Hafez is one of the most popular and visited places in Shiraz, which has a special atmosphere. You may wonder why Hafeziyeh? As you see it comes from Hafez, approximately the foremost poet in Iran. The tomb of Hafeziyeh is located near the gate of Quran and is the tomb of one of the great poets of Iran and of course the world. In the northern part of Hafeziyeh is the place of Hafez tomb and you can find the graves of poets of different periods. This place has become one of the attractions for Instagram photos.

Qeshm offers pristine nature and a world of mystery, but if there’s one attraction not to miss, it’s the Valley of the Stars. Marl and sandstone make up the other-worldly rock formations, and with a little imagination, you can see animals, faces, and hands among other things. The first Iranian site registered with UNESCO, Chogha Zanbil is a 13th-century BC ziggurat in the Khuzestan province. Baked bricks with cuneiform inscriptions are layered in the structure, and a centuries-old footprint of a child in the stone is roped off towards the back. See extra details on Iran Car rental.

Tehran, the capital of Iran, is the first and most obvious place to see. Located close to the historic town of Rayy, Tehran is a large, sprawling city of substantial traffic and buildings. Nevertheless, Tehran can be situated against the background of this fantastic Alborz mountain, which can be a terrific place to go snowboarding or hiking. The proximity of town into the hills means it is simple to escape from the chaos and confusion in the city and clean our heads while still taking in the gorgeous perspective and snow-capped peaks of the Alborz. The great town and state of Esfahan (also spelled Isfahan by the Middle Persian Spahan) are among the significant and historical cities in Iran. Found some 420 km south of Tehran, it’s the third-largest town in the nation and had a population of 1.4 million (as of 2004). The city has lots of Safavid palaces and beautiful mosques, squares, and other architectural features that make Esfahan the gem of Iran. Visit Delta flight cancellation for the latest travel updates and deals to fly Iran.

The roof of the dome of the Boroujerdi historical house is one of the most magnificent architectural masterpieces in Iran. Also, while standing on the roof of Sultan Amir Ahmad’s bath, you can see it from the outside. The paintings of this building have been designed and executed in various ways with colors, oils, and watercolors and under the supervision of the famous artist, Kamal al-Molk. Although the bathhouse itself is very beautiful for Instagram photos, be sure to go to the roof and enjoy the beautiful view. It’s definitely one of the top places to take pictures in Iran and Kashan because you can see the whole city from there. This historic bath is a unique example of Iranian baths and is unique in terms of architecture and decorations. Other features of this bathroom include the use of vaulted ceilings, spectacular mosaics, and murals that have given a special effect to the structure. Discover more information at

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