Roundtrips and travel packages : how & what to pick

The definition of a roundtrip is “A trip from one place to another and back, usually over the same route.“, but usually travellers would want to see other places on the way back. If a roundtrip duration is longer than 1 day that we can safely assume a travel package is required to accomodate multiple eat & sleep locations. Here are a few tips & tricks to help you out when picking the best options for your travel package & roundtrip holiday.

What is the main advatage of roundtrips ? I would say cheap transportation. No matter of the transportation choice (except your own personal car) the tickets are cheaper when purchasing circular travels.

How a typical round trip looks like :

Airlines prefer that travelers fly round-trip simply because it is more convenient for their scheduling systems. Travelers who purchase one-way flights with the intention of purchasing another one-way ticket for the return journey make it difficult for airlines to make airplane staffing decisions and set flight schedules ahead of time.

So reason 1 to plan your holiday as a round trips is the lower price.

Another reason for picking a round trip vacation style is the mixture of familiarity and diversification.

Your starting and ending location resembles a “home”. Moving around to see things gives much more travel attraction diversity. Simply put, you feel somehow “at home” but you also see much more things compared to the situation when you book 7 days in the same location.

No matter where you want to go there will always be a lot of round trip packages on offer. I usually use because of their big offer, lot’s of promotions available and low prices.

I loved my Malaga round trip, highly recommended!

Lets say that you want to base in location A , stay a few days and visit locations B,C,D and E over 4 days.

You can book a hotel in A and find your way around with local transportation / eat and sleep on spot. Or you can pick a travel package to cover your desired visiting locations. Picking a travel package will :

a) greatly decrease your costs
b) greatly reduce the stress

So the best way is to use a specialized travel agent, who usually has a website with a trip planner, to pick the best price and schedule for your round trip type vacation, via a fitting travel package.

Do you want to visit a chain of islands ? Don’t try to go with on spot travel or you might end like me waiting 1 day for a ferry to be available 🙂

Now on to some specific tips :

  1. airline tickets : plan in advance!
  2. travel with light weight bags : a money saver!
  3. round trip tickets are cheaper
  4. big lunches are less expensive than dinners, eat a big breakfast, lunch and a light dinner, healthier and cheaper
  5. research on multi-trip discounts, many metros and rails have passes such as a 3-day unlimited travel passes which might be worth the cost
  6. smaller towns close to where you are going have hotels that are much less expensive

But if you pick a round trip travel package from a specialized travel agent you will save on planning time , stress and most probably price as these trave agencies like have already researched the best choices and your only concern is the total price and what you want to visit.

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