High quality retro cork traction pads for the perfect surfing experience

Searching for the top quality eco friendly cork traction pads for a fabulous surfing holiday? We will look at some cork traction pads with the focus on what we think are the best ones, the Shaka Surf pads and fins.

Where to surf? Spain has several splendid surfing destinations, Pais Vasco; Cantabria; Asturias; Galicia; Andalucia and the Mediterranean Coastline. The best thing about this surfing destination (aside from the great scenery) is the constant good weather and reliable waves. Cala Finestrat; Cabopina and Formentera are just a few of the 100 Spanish Mediterranean surfing spots. Most of the surfing coast is suitable for all surfers but has little or no extreme surf for hardhead surfers. There are also a few spots for beginners like Mallorca. Watch out for the frequent sand bars, beach break and rocks. The swells aren’t that big but the party is on! September and October are the best surfing months in Spain. For a more solitary surf head for the Galicia region where the swells are large in January/February and the temperatures 10 °C. Here more daring surfers can try Rinlo or seijo Branco. In November/December head for Andalucia for huge swells and mild but temperatures, with the warmer weather comes the smaller waves.

The modern traction pads have been upgraded and are ready for critical maneuvers. Surf decks are made of Thermoformed EVA and offer different kicks, arches, colors, and contours. Upper traction is not trendy anymore, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t test it. If it’s good for your surf, that’s great. If you’re going to buy a good surfboard traction pad, check the quality and flexibility of the deck, and then pick your favorite design. The quality of the tape/glue is paramount, but make sure your surfboard is completely cleaned up before applying it. Wait 24 hours and hit the waves.

Our cork traction pads pick: 100% Cork Agglomerate offering superior traction for critical high performance surfing. We’re in love these sustainable traction pads: natural, renewable and recyclable they get the Shaka Surf stamp of approval. This retro cork pad comes in three pieces and so placement can be adjusted easily. Size: 30 x 30.5cm Material: Cork agglomerate. See additional details on https://store.shaka-surf.com/products/retro-cork-traction-pad/.

A broken fin can mess up a good surf day. If durability is important to you, The Ho Stevie! Fins are one of the most durable fins on this list. It’s made of fiberglass with a polymer. This gives the fin more flexibility than the average plastic fin. The company that sells this is even willing to replace it if it does break. The Ho Stevie! Fins are also thinly shaped, helping you have less drag while surfing. These are a great bargain at only $20. Cons: The Ho Stevie! Surfboard Fins aren’t the best for riding the biggest waves. It also doesn’t give as much explosive speed when you’re pumping.

A perfect eco friendly surf fin is the one from Shaka Surf. Shaka Surf Store was started with a simple concept in mind, to use trash found on beaches and make something good from it. As surfers we became alarmed at the amount of trash we were seeing. Working with the best product designers, artists and fueled by a lot of coffee we created this store. We have plans to expand the range, but for now we’re just taking orders on eco surf fins. Discover additional details at Sustainable Surf.

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