Cat travel recommendations

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Cats travel recommendations? Speaking of the best accommodation, try to make the room you will spend time in is as comfortable as possible for your cat. This will ensure he does not wander off and get lost. Visiting your veterinary doctor before embarking on a long trip with your cat is usually overlooked yet quite important. Whether you are going on a car trip or traveling by air, vet visits help assess whether your cat is healthy enough to travel. Other than that, it gives you a chance to get ahead of any illnesses your cat might be having before the day of travel. In the case of air travel, there is no avoiding a vet appointment. This is because of the airline restrictions that require you to have a health certificate for your cat before traveling. You will also be required to have a couple other documents which can only be issued by your veterinary doctor such as a rabies vaccine.

Cat sedatives are basically the same as human sedatives. They are used to keep your cat calm and docile on an airplane, in a car, or in any other possibly traumatic situation. Most contain the same active ingredients that are found in sedatives for humans, just like benzodiazepines. In fact, benzodiazepines are the most common cat sedative and considered the best and safest. The others are diphenhydramine, chlorpheniramine, gabapentin, clonidine, and SARI – but today we will talk only about benzos. Benzodiazepine can be used to sedate your cat and is an effective muscle relaxant and anti-anxiety medication. A small dosage of Benzodiazepine will make your cat relaxed and a little bit sleepy. Basically, your cat gets stoned. Have some people argue that this is better than using sleeping pills, as it does not actually knock your cat out or do any harmful damage. The only major side effects of using this sedative are nausea, vomiting, and respiratory depression – the same as in humans.

My name is Lucas and I have 2 ragdoll cats. First, there is Grandma Cat (GC) and she is 24 years old. Second is Maya and she turns 14 this year. Both are Seal point (well maybe mitted) Ragdolls, and as you might expect have their fair share of personality. I quite like cats and this site is all about living and travelling with ragdoll cats. Hope you enjoy the site and feel free to contact me. If you are searching for pet travel info you can see even more info at

Cats are much more than just furry animals that hog the bed at night. Nor are they just temperamental and mischievous little things that makes us wonder who is the pet and who is the owner. Cats, for many of us, are a member of the family. And, like the rest of the family, they are going to need to be taken to the vet from time to time – or maybe you just want to bring them along on a family vacation. For these situations, you’re going to want to make sure you have? the best cat carrier. When you know what kind of carrier you want to go with, you need to make sure that you are choosing the correct size for them. But how do you do that? It’s actually pretty simpleand it only requires a bit of measuring.

Wikihow recommends feeding your cat its main meal upon arrival at your destination. The cat may get carsick if you overfeed him during the course of the trip. It’s not a good idea to feed him the morning of or during your trip. Offer water at rest stops to keep the cat hydrated. You can also feed him in small portions or offer treats, but only when the car is parked. Prepare the litter box every time the cat feeds. If it’s a really long trip, you can stop every couple of hours to relax and walk around with your cat. This would be much easier if the kitty is leash trained. If your cat isn’t trained to walk on a leash, never take the cat out of his carrier during rest stops. Most importantly, never leave him alone in the car. Discover even more info on

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