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Adventure travel surfing in San Blas and packages for February, 2020

San Blas sailing and winter 2020 packages! San Blas adventure travel tours are a fabulous thing to do right now. Can you take your luggage to San Blas? Nope! You need to leave your luggage behind in Panama City an pack a day-bag for San Blas. If you are in… Read more »

5 top attractions in Korea and the fabulous korean massage

Korea top destinations selection and the fabulous korean massage, i believe i have your attention already! First let’s start looking at some amazing South Korea attractions and a couple of words about the korean massage, something that any traveler to Korea should not miss! This area near the city of… Read more »

Scent-OSA perfume workshop the is Singapore’s new attraction

If you travel to Singapore you may want to check this awesome new attraction in Singapore. This is a perfect opportunity for honeymooners travelers but also for all tourists to get a personalized fragrance based on their personality. Not often we present something truly innovative in the travel industry. The… Read more »

Top travel locations to visit in Majorca

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Mallorca is a gorgeous Mediterranean island, close to Spain, with awesome weather, amazing landscape and yummy food. The largest of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca is part of Spain but has a extra rugged landscape and otherworldly life quality. 5 top attractions in Mallorca, the topic of today. A beautiful capital… Read more »

Turkey and Istanbul attractions and top destinations selection

Extraordinary Turkey … the destination at the intersection between East and West cultures. It’s said that when the Byzantine Emperor Justinian entered his finished church for the first time in AD 536, he cried out “Glory to God that I have been judged worthy of such a work. Oh Solomon,… Read more »

The best Barcelona motorcycle routes in a couple

Navarre-Aragonese Pyrenees: Pirineo Navarro- Aragones, Ordesa, The Pyrenees offer an excellent landscape to visit by motorcycle. The routes through the mountainous mountain range of the north of the Iberian Peninsula do not leave indifferent to any of its visitors, as well as the geographical and geological diversity that can be… Read more »